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Château de Pizay - Domaine viticole - Œnothèque - Saint-Jean-d'Ardières 69220 Belleville-en-Beaujolais - France
Tél. 00 33 (0)4 74 66 26 10

The Estate

The wines of Château de Pizay – a heritage of history and nature

Each year, the 82 hectares of vineyard that surround the Château produce 5 very different wines and every one with their very own personality.

  • An enticing Beaujolais red… 32 hectares
    Deliberately teasing, cheerful, light, fruity and very drinkable, it really delights the taste buds and caresses the palate. This affable wine adds a little happiness to each hour of the day.
  • An enchanting Morgon… 22 hectares
    The flagship of the vineyard, this full-bodied, robust and powerful wine is readily distinctive through the splendour of its garnet-red robe and strong personality allowing it to be kept for year upon year.
  • Régnié, the tenth vintage … 5 hectares
    Château de Pizay owns a share-cropping that produces archetypal wines which stand out thanks to their raspberry aromas.
  • A charming Beaujolais white… 4 hectares
    This rare jewel in Beaujolais country, with its exquisite delicateness, is somewhat the hidden side of the Pizay vineyards, the gem of the Château. Its bright robe and subtle aroma are so unexpected that, from the very first moment, it is love at first sight…
  • Brouilly, Château de Saint-Lager … 14 hectares
    The fresh, young robe is graced by the sparkle of ruby. The nose is dominated by aromas of very ripe small fruit. Supple and tender, its appeal is in its opulent roundness.


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